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About Us

Originating with the most crucial clients and the formula of giving the best in quality and service, Amogh Associates is recognized as one of the best air conditioning companies with smart business expertise and knowledge. Along with a group of professional supervisors, providing on the guarantee of maintenance client needs and effective post-sales services together continues to be the power behind the Amogh Associates business. With successfully designed and ideally situated display rooms, Amogh Associates caters the clients of all costs and choices. Through client targeted guidelines and the user-friendly understanding of the market, today after more than three years of effective functions, Amogh Associates has become a reliable name which is the symbol of excellent electronics & customer durables.

Established in the year 2010, our aim has always been to decrease power expenses and add value to your business by offering top and excellent air conditioner, air flow techniques and then setting up them to the biggest possible requirements. We only use the very best devices and you can be confident that when you seek our services to set up effective and efficient air conditioner techniques in your residence, you will not only get a remarkable assistance but also the system lasts for many decades to come.

Amogh Associates has the experience that made us the leader for quality, assistance and professional knowledge. We value our client's satisfaction by offering the biggest possible requirements of servicing and customer support for our entire industrial, commercial and air conditioning clients. We have highly trained group of experts who are able to provide sensible and reliable advice at a professional as well as a specialized level. We are extremely pleased with our professionals, value and regard them, which results in loyal and motivated work force. We pride ourselves with the belief of our customers' who trust us and would really on us to become our associate as well.

The group is experienced in the particular process of handling techniques for environmental control. With vast and multi-tasking professionals with over many years of experience in the air conditioner and heat business, Amogh Associates can perform and manage a variety of environmental tasks anywhere. We at Amogh Associates continuously build upon our history of advancement with new goods and services that improve international relaxation and performance.

As one of the leading major air conditioner installer, we also use our skills and experience to provide customers with a maintenance service. There is nothing we do not know, and nothing we cannot do when it comes to air conditioning and professional refrigeration and assistance for your official or domestic purpose.

We know that air condition is a significant purchase with continuous effect for your relaxation, price variety and company functions. You want to get it right. So contact us for a chat - we provide guidance on the most beneficial and energy-efficient air conditioning and refrigeration choices for your residence or a company.

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Client List

  • Mitsubishi
  • Sharp
  • ETA

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